Our Certifications


UL Explosion Proof certified ensures that Westside Electric complies with the strictest of standards while repairing apparatus’ that are used in every aspect of the project. We also offer new motor sales that are UL Explosion Proof certified.

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The International Organization for Standardization develops and publishes standards for Quality Control, known as ISO 9001. At Westside Electric, we are proud of our ISO 9001 Compliance because we take pride in our stringent quality control processes that were modeled from ISO 9001.


Westside Electric has earned the prestigious SKF Certified Electric Motor Rebuilder. To earn SKF Certification, Westside Electric, Inc, electrical/mechanical, field service and machinists have completed extensive training in electrical motor failure analysis, bearing installation, lubrication systems and condition monitoring technologies. The confidence in SKF’s bearing engineering, analysis and applications greatly enhances our ability to provide outstanding service in the electrical and mechanical apparatus industry. For more information please click here.